Taking the bite Out of Outdoor Living! ®

Mosquito Flea & Tick Management Solutions

Taking the bite Out of Outdoor Living! ®

Mosquito Flea & Tick Management Solutions

Control Company

in Charleston, South Carolina

Mosquito Defense SC is a mosquito control company serving residential and commercial properties in Charleston, South Carolina. Our technicians are licensed and trained to safely apply the applications necessary to reduce mosquito, flea & tick activity. Take the bite out of your outdoor living. Contact us today.

We are members of the American and South Carolina Mosquito Control Associations.

Our Mission

We specialize in controlling mosquito, flea, and tick vectors, no see-ums and fire ants.

We strive to safely provide mosquito control services with a focus on Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM), reducing injury on the environment and non-targeted species such as pollinators and butterflies.

A company culture committed to the well-being of our employees and successful outcomes for our customers, all of which drive our daily operational focus.

Mosquito Defense SC
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Commitment to Quality & Safety

We are licensed, insured, and practice ethical and transparent procedures. We are committed to Best Management Practices BMP of vector control and educating the public on reducing the risk of vector-borne disease.

Outdoor living should be fun and enjoyable and not restricted because of pests. Family and friends should be able to engage outdoors and not have to nurse bites in the aftermath. We are dedicated to helping our customers have those good times.

OSHA-Trained Officer to
Ensure Safety

At Mosquito Defense SC, our safety culture is apparent at all times. We keep the safety of our employees, customers, and their neighbors on top priority. We also have a full-time OSHA-trained safety officer on staff who focuses on operating safe procedures. 


Share Your Experiences

We want to hear from our customers about their experiences with our company and the services we perform. We provide a number of ways for our customers to reach us with feedback, questions, or concerns. We are committed to being responsive to our customer inquiries.



Mosquito Defense SC

Mosquito Defense does an amazing job keeping our backyard mosquito free. They are responsive and professional. Highly recommend!

-Jared L

John is well trained to spray barrier control safely and effectively. He was an asset to our mosquito control company.

-Stan B

We had an outdoor event in July and Mosquito Defense took the bite out! It made the wedding mosquito free.

-Cat A